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Ailura had a childhood full of fairy tales, elves and goblins from a wonderful, magical world. But, like every child, she grew up and slowly forgot that enchanted world until she no longer believed that the line separating our world from dreams and wonders is no thinner than air itself.



Itís the trilogyís first book as well as my first book and I'll always think of it in a special way.

Here is where it all began. This is what brought about everything else. Of course now, with new perspectives given by age, living and practice, I would write it differently. I may even have lost the necessary innocence to imagine it. Anyway, just like Aldous Huxley, I believe that thereís no point in spending my life trying to correct the artistic mistakes that I did in my early literary youth.

Driven by a female protagonist as grumbling as fragile and as determined as confused, the plot goes through a land of wonders, a reality with the same enchanting ability as tales told by the fireplace. However, to go deep into this world is also to unravel its obscurities. There can be no change without sacrifice; to start a new life is to make another one impossible. All decisions shall echo in the future.

This is a story of adventures, self-knowledge, magic and dreams. Itís the beginning and foundations of the trilogy, the introduction of one of the most important characters. And it proved itself crucial for me, because it made me discover something totally new and wonderful: the pleasure of writing.