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the sceptre of aerzis | book 1 | book 2 | book 3 - queen of the lands of light


Six years have gone by since Iruvienne became Queen of the Lands of Light. Aran returns from the White Lands bringing along prince Legonon. All seems well until Iruvienne dreams once again about the spider and the man with serpent-like hair... Why has this Vision returned? And what does it mean? Is the answer to this mystery somewhere in the North Lands?

The time has come for Iruvienne to live the adventure she always dreamt of. But is she ready for what lies ahead?


Here is the last book of the trilogy, a conclusion that brings about new beginnings and lives living on long after the pages are ended.

Constantly oscillating between adventures, meditations, worries, discoveries, fights and love, the plot thickens, clarifies previous events, unites folks. Patterns are unveiled, secrets revealed. And as the line setting apart right from wrong gets ever more blurred, the characters understand that good and evil form a precarious balance. There is no escape. They can only go forth, choosing their paths through conflicts, dilemmas and unspoken fears. Slowly, step by step, they walk towards the outcome.

Nature remains a central element, a living and dynamic force personified as a whole, never embodied in a single being. And truly, by both arising sensations and actively interacting with the characters, Nature propels the narrative.

This third book closes the story and so I exit the world of The Sceptre of Aerzis. It is over for me, though I do keep the memory of its almost avid creation – consecutive days of innocent wonder and delight. An end that brought me another marvellous adventure: writing, in itself so full of rhythms, melodies, swirling intentions, wild feelings, multilayered words. So I give you the story. It is no longer mine; it is yours. But I keep the writing. I shall use it in future projects.