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Daughter of the Worlds

Lady of the Night and Mists

Queen of the Lands of Light


Mythologies have long fascinated me. Not only mythologies but also myths, symbols and symbologies. Through out the years I learned about them just for the good sake of knowledge, reading avidly about them. So itís natural they play such an important part in the plot of The Sceptre of Aerzis, being a constant presence, although sometimes in a rather dissimulated way. Equally relevant is Nature, an incontestable character often represented by the four Elements, strange figures with no specific body and silently omnipresent. The three leading ladies frequently search their consul and talk to them. This contact and complicity with Nature will be essential for the trilogyís development and conclusion.

The Sceptre of Aerzis was never meant to be full of adventures and battles, only the necessary ones to the plot.  Perhaps thatís why itís a story so based upon feelings and journeys of different kinds. May it be a journey for the readers as it once was for me.