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Ailura was born in one of those vernal mornings that, after a rainy and thunderous night, dawned clear and radiant.
— Daughter of the Worlds (2003)


Inês Botelho was born in Vila Nova de Gaia in 1986. She is the author of the fantasy trilogy The Sceptre of Aerzis – comprised of Daughter of the Worlds (2003), Lady of Night and Mists (2004), and Queen of the Lands of Light (2005) – and also of the novels Prelude (2007) and The past we shall become (2010). She has several short stories published and pens a column for Revista Bang!. With a degree on Biology and a Master of Anglo-American Studies from the University of Porto, she wrote her dissertation on representations of “Beauty and the Beast” in some of Angela Carter’s tales. She is currently a collaborator of CETAPS – Centre for English Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies.