Six years have gone by since Iruvienne became Queen of the Lands of Light. Aran returns from the White Lands bringing along prince Legonon. All seems well until Iruvienne once again dreams about the spider and the man with serpent-like hair… Why has this Vision returned? And what does it mean? Does the answer to this mystery lie somewhere in the North Lands? The time has come for Iruvienne to live the adventure she always dreamt of. But is she ready for what awaits her?

The end arrives, a cycle is completed, other lives become possible.
Constantly oscillating between adventures, worries, battles, and love, the plot thickens, waving together folks and creating links. Patterns are unveiled, secrets revealed. After all, good and evil exist in a precarious balance. And while Nature remains an everlasting, pulsant entity, the events unfold one after the other, always moving forward. There is no return. Only opting remains, to choose each path in the face of conflicts, dilemmas, unspoken fears, and thus inevitably trace the outcome.