In this second tome of The Sceptre of Aerzis, the Lands of Light face danger once again. Morgriff has recovered his strength and invaded the city of Omnirion. The only hope for the People of Light is Galaduinne, the daughter of Ailura and Edínmtor, who has taken refuge in Brumívium. And there, with the help of the Lady of Night and Mists and the priestesses of Névila, she will learn the secrets of the night and prepare to face Morgriff.

New lives, other paths and discoveries.
With the plot unrolling throughout several years, it matters now to accept the importance of waiting, to learn about the past and the very core of Nature, to become immersed in both of them. There will be destruction in the meanwhile but also more knowledge, necessary changes, some enlightenment. The end is almost nigh. Every crucial piece set in place. Only the characters can unleash them.