“Oh, what a pixie-like Princess!”
Bairro dos Livros (2020)

An adorably mischievous princess is born in this children’s story recorded on video for the Emotional Library organised by Bairro dos Livros.

Revista InComunidade (2021)
Km 0 (2018)

Part of the collection which ensued from the second edition of the literary festival Ponte Escrita – Encontro Luso-Galaico de Escritores that took place in Chaves and Verín. Later republished on the online magazine InComunidade.

“Woman in high heels”
Portal da Literatura (2018)

A women walking and two strangers watching her.

“A small dinner…”
Playing with myself (2017)

One of the stories accompanying twenty photographs by Cláudia Clemente.

“The day of the salamander”
Imperfect Tales (2016)

Included in the collection of short stories about the Monastery of Batalha.

“A city for Calvino”
Revista Bang! 15 (2013)

Welcome to Libélula.

Revista Bang! 8 (2010)

The phone rings even before the game has ended. What happens ever since the HIM: on days such as these there’s always some guy choking on his food.

“The red in the white night”
Revista Correntes d’Escritas (2010)

A child walking through the snow at night. The flaming memory of what happened before. The echo of old wives tales and three colours functioning as both theme and cornerstone.

“The commission”
Revista Bang! 4 (2008)

The artist arrives at the mansion. Another portrait of a rich damsel, one more of those jobs just to pay the bills. Only that’s not what happens.