Prelude is a piece played in the thoughtful silence of its characters and the melody of a beautiful and captivating writing. Life goes through these lines full of indecisions, tenderness, and a million different colours. The main characters rediscover and reinvent themselves, taking of layer after layer, connecting their stories. Some dreams will be lost, others born. Only the certainty of time going by remains.

Four protagonists as ordinary and special as anyone else. There are no enigmas to solve, no plot complications, no fussy reactions. Just Alice, Duarte, Ada, and Lídia, their many stories, the people surrounding them, the silences, the reality of what happens to them and what they remember. Their idealized future proves impossible. No matter how hard they try to slow it down, change is inevitably near. Lídia’s fragile certainties wont stop it, nor Duarte’s wish for a time when he seemed able to control the events, not even Alice’s fear of the unknown. And still Ada – who both links and separates them – moves forward, observant and playful, confident that the upcoming shall bring them other smiles, new worries, more stories and joys.